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There are very few things that I love more in this life than the feeling I get when I’ve helped someone to love and embrace their beautiful body. I love showing people what “healthy” really means for their unique body, soul and lifestyle, and I have a passion for teaching them how to achieve true health, balance and joy in a totally doable way.

I’m a health coach, blogger, wife and mama who struggles with life-long chronic illness.

Yes, I said “struggles”.

Not “struggled for years but then miraculously healed herself”. Not “was tired and overweight until I found this one meal-replacement shake”. I work so hard every single day to peel back each layer of illness that accumulated over 23 years without a diagnosis.

But you know what? It’s this journey of self-healing that has led me here to you today and, let me tell you, it’s long overdue! I’m bursting at the seams with knowledge, experience, love and encouragement, but I’ve put off sharing it with the world. Why?

Because, dear friend, I was scared.

I was scared that no one would want to listen to a health educator who isn’t completely healed.

I was scared that my message of learning to love your body enough to nourish it instead of starve it would be drowned out by the hot blond in a bikini selling her miracle diet pill.

I was scared that you would rather get health advice from a fitness model who wears a size 0.

But guess what? I’m not scared anymore. Do you know why?

Because I believe that every one has a story, a message, an experience that someone else needs to hear. So here I am sharing my story and everything I’ve learned along the way.

As I continue on this journey, I share my experiences and what I’ve learned in my blog along with helpful insights into living a healthy life filled with love and self-care. Just sign up here to get regular updates on new blog posts, videos, group challenges and other awesome stuff to help you learn exactly what your body needs to be at its best.