The New House, Lovely Whole Foods and Sneaky Ingredients

So, quick update… we are in a house! We have moved our family of three from our dinky 535 sq ft one-bedroom apartment to a 2 bed + bonus room house just under a mile away.

The result:

  • Our giant Cave Baby finally has his own room and a full-sized crib, giving this cave mama more sleep than I have had since before he decided bedtime was optimal dance party time in my uterus.
  • I have a real kitchen… meaning a kitchen with more than a tiny slab of counter to work with for food preparation. So bring on the soups, broths, slow cooker, smoothies, casseroles and anything else I can chop up and feed my cave family! Watch out, Pinterest… 😛
  • I have a freaking dish washer. A DISH WASHER! Life. Changed. Forever.
New Home
Our sweet little home. It may not be much, but to us it feels like a palace!

So, all this to say that life is about to get a whole lot more happy, productive and less stressful. But in the meantime, we’re still unpacking everything we had crammed into our tiny beach apartment so we can set up our not-as-tiny beach house. 🙂 So for this post’s video, you will see our old dinky place. This is because I recorded it a while ago right before all the crazy moving happened. It’s not fancy or edited, but there’s some good info in there if you want to learn more about what whole foods are and how to know if what you’re buying is close to whole or just pretending to be. Go ahead and give it a watch, and I’ll get back to loading my dishwasher while Cave Baby entertains himself in his new room. *Prances off, squealing with excitement* 😀



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