Catch Up Time

Well, here I am again. So much has happened since the last time Karl and I posted on here, and it’s amazing how far we have come and what we’ve endured.

Ok, that sounds really cheesy. What I meant to say was, Hi! I have decided to start blogging again to help keep friends and family updated since there are so many of you that we love so dearly but visit so seldom. Also, I find this to be a good outlet for the good times and bad when it comes to my health issues, and there’s something about writing to the world that forces me to have a slightly more optimistic outlook lest I appear winy and cranky to whomever reads this. 🙂 Also, I can get out all my vegan, gluten-free, food industry conspiracy and nerdy nutrition-centered thoughts and ideas without bombarding everyone with them on facebook. 😉

So, before I write my first real post in what seems like forever, lets get you all up to speed. In the past year…

  • We have made amazing new friends at Church through our small group.
  • Karl has become even more skinny and toned.
  • I have lost a ton of weight.
  • I have gained a ton of weight.
  • I have accidentally eaten gluten, then cleansed to help heal, then accidentally eaten gluten again.
  • I have volunteered at the front desk of a Naturopathic Doctor (amazing experience!)
  • Karl performed with a band live at The House of Blues in Anaheim and rocked a killer solo.
  • We have stopped eating fish, making us official vegans in the dietary sense.
  • We have started eating as little packaged food as possible, and started focusing on more raw foods in our diet.
  • We have pretty much stopped using our microwave except when traveling.
  • I have discovered that in addition to the long lists of things I shouldn’t eat, soy is now a no-no. But I can now have peanuts and cashews!
  • We began juicing… soooo good!
  • I have begun and already almost finished my journey as a Health Science major at Cal State Fullerton (I graduate in December!).
  • Karl has composed and recorded incredible ambient music for several independent films.
  • I still don’t know all the different health problems I have, but every time they attack they seem to be less and less severe.
  • Karl and I celebrated 5 unbelievable years of marriage by privately renewing our vows to each other on our 5th wedding anniversary overlooking the Bellagio fountains.
My amazing husband and I shortly after saying “I still do” while overlooking the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.

And that’s about it! Friends and family: thanks for reading, we love you all, and thanks for putting up with our food and health weirdness. Anyone else who might be reading this: thanks for reading, and we hope our weirdness is a little bit contagious. 🙂


  1. Cindy

    i love your blog!!!! I’ve actually never visited here before and I am so impressed! One thing I can say about your Securities THEN IN-securities about being a health practitioner or a professional of any kind is that it is VERY NORMAL….. Here’s a funny story about me when your dad and I were Voted to be the DESIGNATED DRIVERS of Lighthouse (smile) …. one of the first EMERGENCY situations that happened I remember thinking (I HOPE I DIDNT SAY IT, but i definately thought it) …… OH MY GOODNESS we need the Pastor!…..someone call the Pastor …. OH NO….. I AM THE PASTOR!!!!!!! ….. well, 17 years later every once in awhile that thought still crosses my mind, but just like your body NOT falling Completely apart any more if you accidentally have gluten? Well, I respond MUCH quicker with a Word of Wisdom or Advice from God’s heart and God’s Word to their ears and walk away with a little extra bounce in my step! I pray the same for you my GREATEST JOY and believe me, I am “STILL” the one in the front row with a STANDING OVATION, saying WOOHOO and applauding as loud as I can with Tears in my eyes saying……..THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!! …. Congratulations on ALL of your success with God’s Blessings intertwined to make the most beautiful package! …. Remember, you worked in Children’s and I worked in Gift wrap!!! LOL …. Love mom

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