Learning to Breathe (Simplify – Days 4 & 5)

Raw peanuts, pure olive oil, and straight sea salt. Oven for 15 minutes at 350. And no, that’s not photo-shopped…I actually cooked things!

Alright! So I know I promised a history of our delve into freakish new-age eatering. But that will have to come later. Because I just cooked quinoa and roasted my own peanuts! This is the most cooking I’ve done since gluten-free oat cereal and soy milk. 😉 And the peanuts taste great! So…

Day 4

Fourth of July, so you’d think it’d be harder with all the great food around us at barbeques and stuff. And in years past, holidays have been very hard to maintain our healthy eating. But, already eating fairly healthy now and just taking it up a notch for this month, the barbeques actually made it easier because everyone had great fruit out. Strawberries, grapes, and then my folks made us zucchini, asparagus, potatoes, and corn on the cob. Just straight, folks. Not even any vegan butter. haha It’s amazing how much flavor real food has just on its own.

I also started throwing some stuff away. Flat soccer balls, Myst computer game boxes I’ve had since junior high (I know, I know…not even the games, just the boxes lol), and some other stuff. Felt good. And for the workout, Jamianne and I hiked. Now that was pretty unbelievable. Can’t believe we haven’t, pretty much ever, done that.

Day 5

Big work day, so just cooked buckwheat with raisins in the morning. I skipped lunch, and Jamianne brought veggies to work. Now I just helped cook her quinoa, and she’s cutting vegetables, and I’m waiting for the peanuts to cool. I drizzled some pure olive oil on them, and some straight sea salt. I snuck a few, and I think this is how I will now always eat peanuts. Well, so I say now…it is weird to have to wait for your food to cook and to actually prepare it. I’m used to, even with healthy eating, going into the cupboard and grabbing veggie chips or cashews or dried fruit or potato chips (healthy ones, of course 😉 ) right out of the bags.

Also, the spiritual side of the cleanse has been going very well. I’ve been taking some walks, and really trying to open up, breathe, and let God show me things. And thus far, everything has been about my insecurity in growing older, and how in actuality, I’ve been so scared of life passing me by without having made something of myself, that life is in fact passing me by. But real, everyday life. Love and God and people, and the things that matter; as well as the small, beautiful things, like sunsets and night skies. Cheesey, I know. But…it’s working for me. I’m realizing how I don’t want to realize one day that I’ve wasted my life by chasing life. I want to stop, and breathe.

Failing a little on the workout thing. Today my workout was my second night warehouse job, which is pretty physical. However, it’s not necessarily out of the ordinary. So, didn’t lift weights today. My masculinity is taking a hit by admitting that. hehe I’d rather play guitar…I’ll admit it! 😉 But I need to go tomorrow, and at least twice more this week, I think.

Thumbs up for rock ‘n roll! Okay, I have to show it now. Because literally folks, this is how you feel while cleansing. Well, every other hour at least. Then every other hour is spent moaning and whining because life sucks and your body neeeeeeds chocolate. Like, now!! hehe But, there are these moments, too:

This is your life.
-her gluten-free husband

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