Simplify – Days 2 & 3

So here we are, 3 days into 31. And thus far? Probably the best cleanse yet. I wonder why I had never thought before to combine mental and physical cleansing with the food cleansing. The workouts are going fantastic, complete with dancing (yes, dancing) yesterday. Or, in my case, ‘expressive motion with the shades drawn.’ Either way, it is highly invigorating to turn up the music, close off outside distractions, and feel on instinct. I’m sure it’s not pretty, but I covered all the mirrors, too. 😉

Jamianne and I both agree that the strangest part about the self-expressive dancing is how difficult it is to turn of your judgment of yourself; even when you know that no one can see you or will ever see you. So, I still have a way to go with allowing myself to release fully. But it certainly is fun!

Food-wise…let me see if I can remember:

Day 1

Cooked buckwheat with pears, bananas, and raisins for breakfast. I know ‘buckwheat’ is a scary word for gluten-free folks, but it actually has nothing to do with wheat at all. (Apologies if this is common knowledge to you already! 🙂 ) Buckwheat is really a fruit, albeit an unfortunately-named one.

Lunch was roasted peanuts for me without salt (from a local market…going to try roasting my own soon), while Jamianne made a massively green, massively healthy salad with quinoa, zucchini, kale, and things I could not pronounce. She totally bested me.

For dinner, Jamianne ate more of her quinoa and greens, while I made a fruit salad consisting of oranges, bananas, and pears.

I’m not sure if you’ve eaten a pear lately, but they’re literally sweeter than candy. It’s crazy. Day 1 was a gym day for me, but I did terribly at getting rid of material things. Still have ’em all!

Day 2

Jamianne went to work, and grabbed an apple to go. I had the morning off, and ate the roasted unsalted peanuts and some oranges while reading a science fiction book about the dangers of genetic modification in humans and plants. I know, I have become a walking cliche. haha

I skipped lunch and worked all day, and I don’t know what Jamianne had. Probably something green that put me to shame.

Dinner was made lovingly by her, and we had steamed vegetables, roots, and grains…zucchini, pepper, carrots, potatoes, squash, onion, and brown rice. And we watched 24. It was glorious. Bananas for dessert. Little tip…eat a banana with a fork. Totally makes you realize it’s a dessert.

Dancing day for me. Coldplay. Don’t picture it.

Day 3

No breakfast. Work was early, and I chose sleep over food. I do not regret the choice.

Lunch was at Sprouts. Not great for the financial cleanse, but we were heading to a church barbeque that would have literally nothing we can eat even on a non-cleanse month, and we needed sustenance. For those of you with celiac, or married to someone with celiac, you will understand. So we had spinach salads at Sprouts with cucumber, raisins, leeks, and all that other rad growing green organic stuff. Watermelon and grapes, too.

Dinner we just finished. Stir fried vegetables, roots, and seeds in vegetable broth with sea salt. Zucchini, peppers, potatoes, celery, onion, and lots of quinoa. The first time I had quinoa, I’m not quite sure how much of it I kept down. Now, it’s fabulous…especially in vegetable broth. We ate it while watching Crazy Sexy Cancer, about a girl who has currently stopped the growth of her cancer cells by lowering the acidity in her blood by eating growing foods. I would suggest the film even if you’re not into all this new age eating/vegan/cleansing/McDonald’s-is-killing-mother-earth nonsense like we are. hehehe

Will probably have bananas later tonight. For now, heading out to do some cardio, and try to tackle my closet to get rid of things. I’m pretty sure I have 4 backpacks, and I have no idea why. Lots of guitars too, but we’ll save that for another day. Like, when I’m 90. 😉

This is your life.
-her gluten-free husband


  1. Wow! I am totally impressed by the cleanse you guys are doing and I am very intrigued. I am starting back on my 6 day workout schedule and healthier eating. Discipline. Discipline. That is my self talk. I look forward to hearing more about you cleanse and I LOVE the dancing aspect. It is SO hard NOT to picture you dancing (unihibited) to Coldplay. Dance on brother!! 🙂

  2. Buckwheat is not actually a fruit… what you eat is the seeds, or together, buckwheat grain. “Fruit” is normal reserved to refer to the swollen ovary around the seeds (ie: apple).


  3. Tameika–haha So great to hear from you! How’s the new workout and eating schedule going? Hope life is great!

    Cam–our books say we eat the fruit part, too. But you’re the plant-breeder, so I’ll trust you, brother! 🙂

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