Day 12: Vegetable Soup

In this cold weather, snacking on a carrot isn’t exactly comforting. I’m ready for something warm, and yummy, and soothing… it’s soup time! And no, not the incredibly delicious “baby food” soup mentioned earlier. I just grabbed a bunch of veggies, chopped them up, and cooked them in some organic veggie broth. Mmmm warmth makes such a difference. It was definitely yummy, but a bit bland. Unfortunately, my poor Karl’s tummy doesn’t like onions and garlic very much, so we have to steer away from chopping those up and putting them into anything. I suppose it’s my penance for taking glutinous goodies away from him.

By the way, Mesa Sunrise is the best gluten-free cereal ever! It isn’t sugary or chocolaty, but it’s full of mesa goodness 🙂

He’s such a trooper. You know your husband loves you when they give up their seven varieties of glutenous morning cereal in the pantry just because it might accidentally get mixed up with your gluten-free cereal. That is true love, people. And if you know my husband, and his affair with cereal, you really know what I’m talking about.

Oh! And I fiiiiiiinally got my cook book (after I already made the soup, of course)! I am so excited to try something. It probably won’t be for a few days because a lot of the ingredients for the recipes we don’t have… and a lot I just plain haven’t heard of. But that can only mean that they are deliciously nutritious. I think I might start off with a butternut squash casserole… mmmm Can’t wait! And just two more days of cleansing! I feel cleaner already 🙂

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