Day 9: Brussels Sprouts

Well, the ingredient of the day (as if the title hasn’t given it away) is the mighty brussels sprout. I, personally, have never tasted one. I was a bit afraid of their reputation at first, but when I saw that they were basically a mini cabbage, it calmed my nerves a bit. This was definitely an experiment to be held when the husband was away (if a child won’t eat it, chances are Karl wont either :)).

So I decided to give roasting a try tonight, since Karl was working late. I put about 1 1/2 pounds of the little green things in a large ziplock bag (after soaking and rinsing, of course). I added 3 Tbsp Olive oil, 1 tsp sea salt, and some freshly ground black pepper. I sealed the bag, mixed it all around, and then dumped them on to a cookie sheet. They roasted in the oven at 400 degrees for about half an hour, and I shook the baking sheet every five minutes or so to make sure they browned evenly. It certainly did fill the house with an aroma! Probably not a sweet smelling one for non-brussels-sprouts-lovers (Sorry, Sweetie!).

Well, I have to say, they were absolutely delicious. Only problem: substantial tummy ache. So now I have to figure out if (a) the brussels sprouts were somehow bad, (b) I cooked them wrong and made them inedible, or (c) I should add brussels sprouts to the long list of delicious foods that my body has an intolerance to. I’m really hoping it’s not (c), because they were super yummy.

Ahh well, live and learn. It sure would be helpful to have some sort of cook book around to help me with this kind of thing. Perhaps one I ordered a week and a half ago on *sigh* I think I’m getting fussy. It must be bed time.


  1. haha youre so cute. i loathe the taste of brussel sprouts 🙁 my mom eats them like candy though. maybe you just ate too much? thats a lot of fiber in one sitting… i hope you feel better now!

  2. Awww, really? You’re missing out! I don’t think it was that I ate too much, because my tummy started hurting after just a few. It went away in about an hour, though. No permanent damage 🙂

  3. mom

    Hi Jamianne, I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS and remember that you and Dad opted OUT of having any as you were growing up….but the stomach ache??? YES I also get a stomach ache if I eat “too many” … they are really gassy gassee gassie?? LOL not sure how to spell it, but they are, and so they need to be eaten a few at a time or lets say a “French” Portion?? …. It’s hard though because the way you cooked them they are like eating popcorn at the movies and it’s very hard to eat 4-6 and say you’re done!….Anyways, just in case it helped, thought i’d throw in my little piece of “from experience” advice! xoxoxo mom

  4. haha Thanks, Mom 🙂 Great advice, but I was experiencing more nausea than bloating. But that’s good to know!

  5. kari

    Hey cuz… I totally love brussel sprouts however I like them steamed then take them out and melt butter or in your case butter subistitute and a dash of salt sea salt is good too… and eat them just like that.. Yummy!!

  6. mmmm Steamed sounds good! And a lot easier than having to use the oven. I’ll have to try that soon 🙂

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