I just thought I’d share a few things that are helping me stick with all this clean, vegan, gluten-free eating without feeling like the world is going to end. One huge motivation for me is a book I’ve been reading called “French Women for All Seasons”. It’s written by the best-selling author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. It has so many wonderful insights into the mind and attitude of a woman who savors everything in life, and forgoes overindulgence as a result. It’s all about enjoying life in a healthy way, physically and mentally, without giving in to the unhealthy conglomerate of processed food companies America has adopted. It gives some great seasonal recipes with ingredients you can pick up from your local farmer’s market. Though not all these recipes are “clean food” or gluten free, there are many that are or that can be easily modified to be so.

Another huge encouragement is that it just feels good see all the ingredients of what I’m about to eat before they end up in my meal. This is an incredible comfort as a person with celiac disease. It gets so tiring trying to figure out every little thing that has gone into your food to make sure it’s gluten-free. But even if you don’t have celiac, you have to admit that it’s nice to see all the things that grew from the ground, made their way to your kitchen, and then into your dinner. Try looking on a package of food in your pantry and see how many things you can pronounce, let alone grow in a garden.

And lastly, I feel just plain incredible. Karl and I have been going through a cleanse during the whole process, and it feels like my body is turning more and more into what it was meant to be. I’ve already lost a few pounds, and I’m slowly watching certain fatty areas shrink. I totally recommend looking into these cleansers and give one a try. But remember that it’s not going to do much good if you keep putting toxins into your body while the cleanse is trying to get them out.

This is a sort of “prep cleanse” I’m using because I bought it a long time ago and didn’t want to waste it. I’ll probably follow it up with the Organic Cleanse Karl is using.
This is the cleanse Karl is using that I plan to use when I’m done with First Cleanse.

So I hope you can use some of these resources to help make better, healthier decisions about what you put in your body, as well as encourage a healthy mindset towards food and a healthy lifestyle. I know they’ve helped me!


  1. haha! Sorry for getting you on a spree, but it is so addicting, isn’t it? So far no crazy side effects at all for me. The first cleanse is super gentle. I’ll let you know how the total body cleanse goes.

  2. Hey guys!!! I am so excited to follow you on your journey…and you are totally inspiring me to go back to my clean eating ways!! I actually did a clean eating cleanse for 30 days in may-june and i lost 15 lbs and felt amazing! then i started drinking starbucks again and it all went downhill from there!! any other clean eating books you would recommend??! Love ya girlie hugs!!

  3. Hey, Elyse! That’s so exciting! I know, Starbucks was always the end of everything for me too. But I can honestly say that for the first time *ever* I am not craving Starbucks. I think it’s just from getting all the processed sugar out of my system, but it just sounds gross now. Never thought I’d say that!

    I would definitely recommend the Clean Food book I talked about in my other post that we’re still waiting for. I haven’t even got it yet, but already I love the recipes I’ve tried! Here’s her website where she posts some seasonal recipes from the book and it gives a little more info about it: http://www.terryskitchen.net/.

    Also, Karl found a really great resource at Jamba Juice that we’re gonna buy when we have some extra money. It’s called “The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods”. It has a ton of info on every food and the benefits of it. There are so many amazing grains that I didn’t even know about, but they’re so good for you!

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