Day 4: More Jamba Juice and Carrot Ginger Soup!

My turn! 🙂


What my dear husband forgot to mention about Day 3 was the incredibly delicious Carrot Ginger Soup I made with my spiffy new immersion blender. But that’s probably because it grossed him out and he said it reminded him of baby food. I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed its warm, gingery goodness. It’s a recipe from the book Clean Food by Terry Walters. We ordered the book on but it hasn’t arrived yet. So I found a video of Terry cooking up a tasty meal on this morning show and decided to give it a shot. Click here to see the video. Though, I must warn you, the morning show hosts are incredibly awkward… but I suppose that’s to be expected. Would it be a morning show without the awkward man & woman host duo?

Even though the oats were a great idea, I had to substitute with brown rice flour because oats are not technically gluten free due to contamination risks (Though you can buy “uncontaminated” oats for only $15 a bag at Henry’s! No thanks!). The end result was not as thick and creamy, but extremely filling. I’m not sure if that’s because the soup is actually filling, or because my stomach has shrunk. I’m hoping it’s a little of both.

So now it’s the end of Day 4 and I’m feeling pretty darn satisfied. I made Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Rice Cereal for breakfast with raisins and agave nectar (and a little maple syrup for the hubby’s sweet tooth). Then a Jamba Juice lunch with friends for some all-fruit no-boost smoothies. Then I made a visit to my mom’s to watch Julie & Julia. I brought some left-over carrot soup in case I got hungry. I was worried about watching a movie centered around ridiculously delectable french cooking while eating my little Tupperware of carrot soup. I survived, though, and was surprisingly content.

This is how every meal ends up in my fantasy. Me in a cute white dress, and all my friends joining me at my rooftop party applauding my delicious accomplishment. Unfortunately, smoothies and baby-food-looking soup have yet to earn a round of applause. And isn’t Amy Adams the cutest thing ever? It’s just wrong that she can look that adorable even after gaining weight for this movie.

At the end of the day we brought home a huge bag of oranges and grapefruit from my parent’s fruit trees and finished off with some stir-fried veggies over rice. Not bad for plain veggies and rice. Though I did eat a little too much and gave myself a bit of a stomach ache. Who knew you could eat too many vegetables? I guess my stomach really is shrinking.

Already I feel lighter and more easily satisfied. I love walking into our house and smelling the fresh fruit from our fruit basket. Or opening our fridge and seeing nothing but green, yellow, purple, red, and orange. Everything just seems so much simpler and cleaner. I just feel bad for my poor husband. I’ll eat any vegetable under the sun, but it’s a little harder to please my picky eater. Hopefully my cookbook will arrive soon so I can master the art of cooking meals that are clean and appetizing… and meals that don’t resemble baby food.

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