Red Rose

Had red rose potatoes for dinner last night. With boiled water. No salt, no butter, no milk. I even washed them. (This was my wife’s idea.) Ate them while watching Friends on dvd. Hey, it’s a good show. And I still believe myself to be a guy. And you know what? Red rose are amazing! They don’t need anything extra. I even got full and didn’t eat all of them. Jamianne ate salad that she chopped herself. She was excited about the mix of organic colors the chopping left on our breadboard…I mean, vegetable cutting board. hehe See what I did there?

Lunch was unsalted peanuts and a pear.

We missed breakfast shopping for lunch.

And I watched a movie about guitars. That part is entirely unrelated.

Thus far, really diggin’ the source vegetarian/gluten free lifestyle. Thus far today, I have forgotten to eat. And though that seems like the most logical solution to losing weight to me, Jamianne assures me it is not. So one and a half days down, and I don’t even miss string cheese……well, maybe a little.

(It’s still kind of Christmas, right? hehe What a great show.)

This is your life.

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