Good News and Bad News


Well, the good news is I found an excellent resource for gluten free grocery shopping! It’s the Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide. It has over 30,000 products listed, and it’s tiny enough to throw in your purse on your way to the grocery store. They just came out with the 2009/2010 edition, and they have a section of the website for updates in case any of the information changes.


And that’s where the bad news comes in. My discovery of this incredible resource also lead to the discovery that my beloved Pace Salsa was no longer gluten free. It was on Campbell’s gluten free list when I was diagnosed in August of 2008, but they changed their recipe (hidden under “natural flavorings”) and it’s been glutenous since December. So all this time I thought I had been getting sick from eating out or at a friends house, and it was my salsa all along.

So let this be a lesson to you: check your facts and check them often! You never know when ingredients can change (well, you can now thanks to Cecilia!). In the mean time, I’ve found Herdez Salsa Casera to satisfy my chips and salsa cravings (do be warned, the Salsa Casera is the only gluten-free Herdez salsa). It’s super yummy, and all simple ingredients. . So please, put down the Pace, and pick up some Herdez Salsa Casera!

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