It Just Isn’t Christmas Without Starbucks!

…At least not for me. Just the sight of that red and white cup and a hint of peppermint in my mocha means Christmas is finally here. Yes, I know it’s bad to give in to the big corporations… but it’s just so yummy! 🙂

I was on my way to grab a nice warm cup of holiday cheer last night and decided to call Starbucks customer service first to see if any of the new seasonal drinks are gluten free. I have called before to inquire about gluten content of their drinks. Normally they just tell me to stay away from the vanilla bean powder and eggnog syrup, or just one or the other depending on which representative I get (scary, I know). But tonight, I actually got someone who was willing to search for information! Hooray! So here’s the information he got for me:

The following does contain or may contain gluten and should be avoided:

  • Dolce de Leche syrup
  • Shortbread syrup and topping
  • Eggnog syrup
  • Frappuccino chips
  • Graham topping
  • Pie crust topping
  • Vanilla bean powder

The chocolate curls and crystallized ginger are confirmed as gluten free.

Unfortunately, the representative told me that it appeared the database had not been updated since July of 2008 and did not have the gluten content of the new seasonal beverages. But he did say most new beverages consist of syrups already on hand and are most likely gluten free. Just ask your barista what syrup is used in your beverage to make sure it doesn’t contain shortbread or eggnog syrup.

As far as the hot chocolate goes, he said the information in his system did not specifically say whether it did or did not contain gluten. It most likely depends on your local suppliers, so ask if you can see an ingredient list next time you make a visit.

So go out and enjoy some Starbucks. I know I will!

Update: Please be aware that if you are going to enjoy a blended beverage (such as the sweet and delicious frappachino), the blender used to make your drink has most likely been used to make glutenous beverages as well (i.e. the java chip frappachino). Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to cross-contamination. I know I am!

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